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Our Shelves

Our Shelves

We’ve got a sliding shelf for you!

Rolling shelves for kitchens, pantries, laundry and bathrooms

Are you tired of not being able to see what’s in your cabinets and pantry, especially near the back?  Are your cabinets a mess?  If you answered “yes” then it’s time for you to contact the sliding shelve specialists at the Pull Out Shelf Company!

Imagine being able to roll-out your pantry shelves and see all that’s inside.  No more coming home with six more cans of beans when you already have 12!  You’ll now know exactly what you have with an easy pull of your new Pull Out sliding shelves!

The quality of our Pull-Out Shelves® is second to none and they’re strong, too, made with Baltic birch wood sides, easy-to-clean washable melamine bottoms, heavy-duty powder coated self-closing steel slides and a storage capacity of up to 100 pounds. All Pull Out Shelf storage systems are available with a clear or white UV fine furniture finish, which will provide you with years of protection, and are hand-built using dovetail construction, a standard that provides unparalleled strength!

There’s no need to worry aesthetics. Pull-Out Shelves® are beautifully finished to compliment your existing cabinetry, turning each one into functional and stylish pull out cabinets. Visit our Gallery to see all of our Pull Out Shelves.

Here are a few ideas to make your cabinets come to life and look great, too!

Custom Installation

  • Custom built to fit your pre-existing units
  • Patented  bracket system
  • Lifetime warranty

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Pantry System

We can convert your current pantry, broom closet or storage closet into beautiful and very practical pantry sliding shelves. Don’t have any shelves in your closet? No problem, we can install pull-out shelves and give you more space than you’ve ever dreamed of. We can create a pantry pull out shelves with five, six or even more shelves in place of your unused areas. Ask about our pull out  pantry system with completely adjustable shelves and you’ll never have to reach for lost items again.

Standard Pull Out Shelves

KB3_3283These Shelves have 2 3/8-inch high sides, fronts and backs, hold 100 pounds and can be used for every day needs.

  • available from 10” wide to 48”.

High Back Shelves

KB3_7378 copyThese shelves have the same height front as standard shelves, but also have sloping sides that rise to 5 inches in the back.The higher sides will keep unusually shaped and taller items in place with the contents still visible.

Double Deep Shelves

IMG_0135 copyThese shelves are great for cans, tall items, bulky goods or cleaning supplies ranging from cans and jars in the pantry to bulk goods and cleaners in the laundry room.

Divider Bins

KB3_7314 copySeparate pans, lids, utensils and other cooking items in the kitchen. Organize books, directories or household items with this great pull out shelf feature.


IMG_0167 copySeparate pans, lids, utensils and other cooking items in the kitchen. Organize books, directories or household items with this great pull out shelf feature.

Trash Bins

Trash bin 3 copyA pull-out garbage can holder for under the counter.

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